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The National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) makes available to the public the portal of technical information generated throughout the oil history of Mexico. This information was transferred to the CNH by Petróleos Mexicanos and the Mexican Oil Institute under the ninth transitory article of the Hydrocarbons Law.

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Consult the production of hyrocarbons at Field, Allocation or Contracts filters, in the new OIL & GAS Production Dashboard, with data from 1960 to date.

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Information Sets

In this section you can consult the information available from:


The National Hydrocarbons Information Center (CNIH) is responsible for the collection, safeguarding, administration and publication of the information obtained from the Recognition and Surface Exploration activities (G&G permits), as well as from the Exploration and Extraction of hydrocarbons.

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The digital information available in the National Hydrocarbons Information Center refers to the geological and geophysical information associated with wells. As well as to all the information resulting from hydrocarbon exploration and extraction activities that can be stored in digital media.

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The Center contains physical samples such as: cores, drill cuttings, plugs and hydrocarbon samples.

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More than 30,000 wells

All of the wells are made available through data packages organized by basin under an Annual Use Licenses scheme (LUA).

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As of March 1, 2017, all the wells data transferred to the National Hydrocarbons Information Center (data on more than 30,000 wells) is made available to interested parties. Access to this information will be offered in two modalities: total wells organized by areas associated to basins and exploratory wells organized by location; both under an Annual License of Use scheme (LUA). In both modalities, users will be entitled to access information on the wells drilled after August 2014 as the term of confidentiality ends.


Limonaria and Galaxia

3D seismic of non-conventional areas (Limonaria and Galaxia) is released for access.

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The Galaxia and Limonaria projects, associated with non-conventional areas (final processing and migrated gathers) are incorporated as 3D seismic studies.


Gravimetric, magnetometric and electromagnetic data

New integrated package of Potential Methods.

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A package of Potential Methods is also included. It contains all of the country's gravimetric, magnetometric and electromagnetic data.

Incorporation of INEGI’s information

INEGI's cultural data layers are added to the Interactive Map.

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A section of cultural data that incorporates INEGI’s information such as: protected natural areas, roads and railways, physiographic provinces, municipal divisions, among others, is added to the interactive map.

Redesign of the Statistics section

The Statistics section was redesigned, allowing you to analyze information more easily and with new features

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English version of the Interactive Map

An English version of the website was added to make browsing through the menus and labels easier for English speaking users.

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An English version of the website was added to make browsing through the menus and labels easier for English speaking users.

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